28 March 2009

Dyamic DataGrid

This Code is just get you started.

There would still be work to do but this will get the GridView there and gives a general idea of what to do with the columns.

GridView gDocuments = new GridView();
gDocuments.Visible = true;
gDocuments.ID = "gvDocs";
gDocuments.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.Cornsilk;
gDocuments.BorderColor = System.Drawing.Color.

gDocuments.BorderWidth = System.Web.UI.WebControls.
gDocuments.RowCommand += new GridViewCommandEventHandler(

ButtonField bf1 = new ButtonField();
bf1.CommandName = "SelectRow";
bf1.Text = "Select This Row";
bf1.ButtonType = ButtonType.Button;
bf1.Visible = true;

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21 March 2009

Technical document write-up

In this article I will be sharing the key major sections and sub sections which need to be included in Technical Architecture document.

Enterprise Technical Architecture - Document Outline


1.0 Project Overview

1.1 Background

1.2 Audience

1.3 References

1.4 Vision and Scope

1.5 Implementation RoadMap

2.0 Enterprise Architecture

Diagram showing all Environments with description

3.0 Development Environment (if applicable)

3.1 Logical Farm Architecture

3.2 Physical Farm Architecture

3.3 Databases Planning

3.4 Software Application Planning

3.5 Capacity Planning

3.6 Shared Services Strategy for Authentication, Search, BDC and Audiences

3.7 Application and Service Accounts

4.0 QA Environment (if applicable)

4.1 Logical Farm Architecture

4.2 Physical Farm Architecture

4.3 Databases Planning

4.4 Software Application Planning

4.5 Capacity Planning

4.6 Shared Services Strategy for Authentication, Search, BDC and Audiences

4.7 Application and Service Accounts

5.0 Authoring/PreProduction Environment (if Needed)

5.1 Logical Farm Architecture

5.2 Physical Farm Architecture

5.3 Databases Planning

5.4 Software Application Planning

5.5 Capacity Planning

5.6 Shared Services Strategy for Authentication, Search, BDC and Audiences

5.7 Application and Service Accounts

6.0 Production Environment (if applicable)

6.1 Logical Farm Architecture

6.2 Physical Farm Architecture

6.3 Databases Planning

6.4 Software Application Planning

6.5 Capacity Planning

6.6 Shared Services Strategy for Authentication, Search, BDC and Audiences

6.7 Application and Service Accounts

7.0 High level Application Technical Design

8.0 High level Application Technical Design

8.1 Business Processes and Application Flows

8.2 Branding and Look & Feel

8.3 Portal Site Topology/Taxonomy Design

8.4 WebParts

8.5 Features

8.6 Search and Indexing

8.7 Security

9.0 Operations and Maintenance

9.1 HelpDesk Strategy [Reference to Operational support document]

9.2 Release management and Deployment Strategy

9.3 Backup/Restore operations

9.4 Installation and Configuration [Reference to Installation & configuration
document for each server role]

10.0 Help System

10.1 User Manuals[Reference to user guide document]

11.0 Key Contacts

11.0 Assumptions

Special thanks to: Hemendra Patel

Dual Authentication in sharepoint

i found this link which will help you in achieving dual authentication in SharePoint
Dual Authentication

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