21 March 2013

SharePoint People-picker Slowness

Recently my SharePoint portal seems to slowing from end user information entering. The User entry box people-picker was really taking forever to resolve name. The slowness was recorded across whole site collection and there was no customization involved which might have affected this issue.

In order to resolve this slowness following steps needs to be performed.
1. Execute following command on the WFE server.

 Stsadm–o setapppassword –password 

Please note - the password here is not the server.

2. Now execute following command on APP server.

Stsadm –o setproperty –pn peoplepicker -searchadforests –pv "forests:i.domain.com, Domain:i.domain.com" -url "http://Sharepointsite/"

This will do the trick. repeat same for Sub-site as well.

05 March 2013

SharePoint User Profile Synchronization.

SharePoint portals are tightly integrated with Active Directory and since SharePoint has a additional Database to maintain user profiling, However many times user alias names are shown inconsistent on welcome.ascx section For some it's show :
         first name , last name
         last name, first name 
 This means AD-Profile Synchronization is not enabled or not happening for some reasons.

Manually run following SharePoint PowerShell Command which synchronizes AD Accounts.

Get-SPUser –Web http://SharePointServer | Set-SPUser –SyncFromAD

Execute command for each Site collection to reflect these changes.  

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