25 November 2010

WSP Process stuck in "Deploying"

Recently, I deployed my Webpart solution packages created in sharepoint Farm.
After a long waiting i still figured the solution getting "Deploying" as its status..
Initially i Tried

stsadm -o execadmsvcjobs on the server running Central Admin.  No change. 
Since it was a farm deployment i Thought improper deployment was performed.

so I reset the IIS to get a refreshed processes running but still no effect.

Solution: Not Sure if its correct but worked for me.I opened list of timer jobs (Operations > Timer Job Definitions) search the job which point to the WSP solution we are deploying..Killing the Process will do the Trick.

However this does not actually deploy but only status is populated as "Deployed".
To Overcome this solution since you are on Farm Servers you need to Execute stsadm -o execadmsvcjobs on all the servers

23 November 2010

SharePoint 2010 Database Naming Standards


Database Naming conventions for SharePoint 2010 well defined by John W Powell -Click Here to view!


15 November 2010

FBA : Change Password

From my Earlier blog stating Form Based Authentication in SharePoint (MOSS 2007).
 ( Click Here )

Many were interested in password management for the users. A complete package ready to use is uploaded on codeplex.
However here I’m attaching a custom strip down to users change Password code snippet for the same.

There are two options while password management
1. Just to change Password
2. to provide Question & Answer along with Password change
Note : for Option (2) please add/updated web.Config file within Membership provider

///save button functionlity
void btnChangePassword_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
if (Validate(true))
string AppName = Membership.ApplicationName;
if (.Text.Trim().ToString() != .Text.Trim().ToString())
{ .Text = " New and Confirm password Mismatch ! " ; }
if (Membership.Provider.ChangePassword(.Text, .Text, .Text))
{ //membership provider has Change Password checked in Web.Config
if (Membership.Provider.ChangePasswordQuestionAndAnswer(.Text, .Text, .Text, .Text))
//Message: " Your Password Has Been Sucessfully Changed.."
catch (MembershipPasswordException ee)
{//Exception Message}


Let me know your comments/ exceptions etc.
Will be glad to get back to you.

Active Directory: Password Management using SharePoint Webpart.

For Active Directory member the password management is one of the vital functionality which developer needs to add in his efforts to provide a appropriate solution.
Here below is the code snipplet to achieve this functionality.

I have implemented using SharePoint Webpart.

please specify you validation accordingly.
-:Core Code:-

WindowsImpersonationContext aspContext = null;
WindowsIdentity identity = WindowsIdentity.GetCurrent();
aspContext = identity.Impersonate();
ContextOptions o = ContextOptions.Negotiate;
PrincipalContext ctx = new PrincipalContext(ContextType.Domain, this._DomainName, this._DomainName Path);

UserPrincipal UPrinci = new UserPrincipal(ctx);
UPrinci = UserPrincipal.FindByIdentity(ctx, SPContext.Current.Web.CurrentUser.LoginName);
UPrinci.ChangePassword(_oldpassword.Text, _newpassword.Text);
_labelmsg.Text = "Password changed successfully!" ;
} //Try
catch (PasswordException ex)
{ //ex.Message; Catch exception.}
} //Delegate


Let me know your comments/ exceptions etc.
Will be glad to get back to you.

02 November 2010

SharePoint WebPart & ASP.Net Coding workarounds

As a SharePoint Developer there are couple of the changes in coding as compared to ASP.net application.
Few important note I would like add for my developer Friends

For Output : http://akshaya-m.blogspot.com?k=akshaya

Asp .Net Code
SharePoint Webpart Code Needs:

Get akshaya from the browser URL (http://akshaya-m.blogspot.com?k=akshaya)

Asp .Net Code
SharePoint Webpart Code Needs:

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