10 September 2009

Changing Welcome Page in SharePoint.

This article is targeting on changing the default.aspx page provided by SharePoint to our Custom Page.
Since altering default home page in publishing site is easily possible, however altering the home page for TEAM site is much trick than we can imagine.
Here is a solution that can be adopted to retain a custom or user defined home to be populated as default page after login to a SharePoint portal.

>> Follow these steps for achievement.
1. Check the Content Database of the web application via.
Central Administration >> Application Management >>SharePoint Web Application Management Tab >> Conect Database

2. Cross check the content database which through which we can alter the default page.
3. Create your custom page using SharePoint designer at root level which needs to be set as default page on login.

4. Go to MS SQL management Studio.
a. Browse to database table named “WelcomeNames
b. Add the Page name (ex: Myhomepage in my case) in LeafName Column and change its rank to 1.
Bingo! Now Login to the SharePoint portal and will get this page at default home page.

Special Thanks: Abhijeet Tidke

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