16 February 2017

SSIS & MS Dynamics CRM using Kingsway

Connecting to the CRM entities for loading or fetching data would be the tedious job if done from scratch, Kingsway ( Download from here ) came up with an intermediate connector to help or streamline the connectivity.
(1) Installed the Visual Studio (BITS) for BI development ( Download from here )
(2) Install the Kingsway SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics 365( Download from here )
(3) DataBase Driver which needs to be connected for data pull/push (SQL/ORACLE/MYSQL etc.)

Now we have the development environment set let connect to data sources:

For CRM connection:
(1) Right click on the connection manager
(2) Select new Connection
Select Type Dynamics CRM  (as Shown below)
Provide needed CRM URL and the Organization name 
Drop the Data Flow Task to perform needed BI operation
Within data Flow Task you will observe 3 new tool items added for dynamics CRM as shown below
Select desired based on the business needed, here I've selected as source which has the needed source type as an entity-entity name (source Entity)

For any further details please don't hesitate to drop an comment happy to respond 

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