31 July 2009

Comparison between Visual Studio & SharePoint Designer Workflows

Here i'm added Key differences between Custom Visual Studio and SharePoint Designer workflow.


Visual Studio: >>Full development environment with a graphical designer that produces a template which can be associated with multiple sites, lists, and content types

Designer:>> Wizard-driven interface that utilizes conditions and actions to produce a template that contains a set of declarative rules and is bound to a specific list

Custom .NET code :

Visual Studio: >>Yes

Designer:>> No


Visual Studio: >>Sequential, State Machine

Designer:>> Sequential only

Completed Workflow:

Visual Studio: >>Workflow markup file and code-behind files are compiled into workflow assembly.

Designer:>> Workflow markup, workflow rules, and supporting files are stored uncompiled in a hidden document library on the site and compiled on demand.


Visual Studio: >>Yes. Visual Studio 2005 debugging except for JIT exceptions.

Designer:>> No step-by-step debugging available


Visual Studio: >>Packaged as a SharePoint feature and deployed to the server by an administrator

Designer:>> Deployed automatically when workflow is completed


Visual Studio: >>Template must be associated with each and every list before it will be available

Designer:>> Association occurs at design time only

Workflow Forms

Visual Studio: >> Can use any forms technology, such as InfoPath 2007 or ASP.NET 2.0 forms

Designer:>> Automatically generates ASP.NET 2.0 forms, which can then be customized

Create Custom Activities and Conditions

Visual Studio: >>Yes

Designer:>> No. Must use a predefined set of activities and conditions.

Workflow Modification

Visual Studio: >>Executing workflows can be modified.

Designer:>> No modification is possible.


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Special Thanks :Amit Pasalkar.

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