09 July 2009

SharePoint : Popfly as Iframe

--SharePoint & Popfly --
Popfly comes with huge functional block and mashup integrated with Silverlight to give a enhanced branding with minimum efforts.
Here is a simple example which will help you to get a connected popfly blocks and later inherit the same into SharePoint environment. Since Popfly is also compatible with Visual studio environment which brings smile to all my developer friends to explore & perform more.
Before you begin make sure you register or use your windows Live ID. As you login this will create special Profile ID which will track all your project created, shared or inherited in popfly.

  1. Popfly provides various functionality while creating such as Game, Mashup, block, data & webpage. Today i'll be Creating a Mashup Block.

  2. To begin we will drag the Block(s) you wanted from various blocks list/groups provided by popfly.

  3. Since we have selected a live Image Search we needed a runtime input parameter hence we have added a input block which is connected as a input for the search block.

  4. Its setting signifies the function and the input staged for each blocks. As there are ample of blocks provided as well as shared by other users which can be user, also custom block can also be create as needed.

  5. Before we Execute (Run) its is suggested to save the project. Once saved Now we can execute and view output by Clicking the Run Button.

  6. Once the Output satisfies our needs we can go ahead with integration with our application(SharePoint) by clicking Share which provides few sharing options, Now click on the Embed option. Since Microsoft Popfly provides this functionality to share this block in our defined application

  7. Now you get is a script tagged in iframe, as my choice of application is SharePoint all I did by adding this Script in the Source Editor of a Content editor web Part .

  8. Thus Popfly Start populated in the sharepoint Enviroment

Go Ahead and Explore..

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  1. Hey Akshaya,

    That's a good detailed example. will explore. :-)


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