05 January 2012

Custom entry for Hyperlink Or Picture column in SharePoint using webpart

SharePoint provides many columns as input one of which is Hyperlink or picture column which has two fields as entry and is a concern how to have the entry to be made possible from custom web part or via custom coding.

Normal out of box form looks like this.

I have created a webpart which has needed input holder to accept values from user.
Currently I’m using 2 columns Title & Hyperlink column : MyURL for URL
Please find the code for the same.

using (SPSite osite = new SPSite(SPContext.Current.Web.Url))
using (SPWeb oweb = osite.OpenWeb())
SPList Samplelist = oweb.Lists["ListName"];
SPListItem ListItem= Samplelist.AddItem();
oweb.AllowUnsafeUpdates = true;
ListItem["Title"] = "Akshaya Blog Title";
SPFieldUrlValue HyperlinkURLVal = new SPFieldUrlValue();
HyperlinkURLVal.Url ="http://akshaya-m.blogspot.com";
HyperlinkURLVal.Description = "Akshaya Blog Click Here";
ListItem["MyURL"] = HyperlinkURLVal;
//Update List item

Outcome as needed--

Thanks please revert your queries/comments

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